User Conference 2012


The seamless data exchange between all phases of plant planning is known as critical bottleneck for efficient planning and consistency of planning data today.
While data exchange is state of the art within other technical domains, it is not sufficient established within plant planning processes today.
AutomationML addresses this topic to avoid and reduce the cost-intensive duplication of planning data, to avoid redundancy of planning data, to avoid a source of errors, and to merge data that belong together.
For this reason the AutomationML organization invites you to the 2nd AutomationML User Conference from May 9th to 10th 2012 with the slogan:

“Get rid of the paper interface!“

AutomationML is the most embracing approach for seamless data exchange between tools of the plant planning today with the target to increase planning efficiency and quality. Thereby, it addresses process industry as well as manufacturing industry.At the 2nd AutomationML User Conference the following points will be addressed:

  • Presentations of the "AutomationML data format",
  • Presentation of solutions realized with AutomationML,
  • Presentation of tools supporting the data format, and
  • Workshops on the data format.

Short facts

Day 1, Presentation:
  • Motivation and overview of AutomationML
  • Presentation of the architecture
  • Application examples from different domains
  • Meet the AutomationML developer team

Day 2, Workshop:
  • Available tools
  • Basics of the programming with AutomationML
  • Example applications, solutions, innovations
  • Meet the AutomationML developer team

Detailed Conference Program: Conference Program (German)

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Hotels: Hotels Sindelfingen

  • max. 150 Attendees
  • max. 40 Attendees for guided tour at Daimler Sindelfingen

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Language: English Slides/ German

Conference Fees: All fees plus 19% VAT.
  • Both days: 449 Euro
  • One day: 299 Euro

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