Sensor Library (Draft)
DRAFT version of Industrial Sensor Library or ZVEI in cooperation with AutomationML for expert discussion
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DRAFT BPR 011E Modelling of electric Interfaces
Draft for the Best Practice Recommendation BPR 011E - Modelling of electric Interfaces for discussion with experts, contains corresponding libraries, under discussion and in a not finalized/standardized state
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AR 004E: Asset Administration Shell Representation
Application Recommendations: Asset Administration Shell Representation. Also contains corresponding libraries. Version 1.0.0
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5th AutomationML PlugFest - Program
5th AutomationML PlugFest - Program
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AutomationML Brochure
AutomationML Brochure
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5th AutomationML User Conference 2018 - Conference Proceedings
Conference proceedings of the 5th AutomationML user conference in Gothenburg/Sweden (October 2018).
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Whitepaper AutomationML Edition 2.1 2018
Whitepaper part 1: Architecture and general requirements. Also contains corresponding libraries. V 2.1.0
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AR 001E: Automation Project Configuration
Application Recommendations: Automation Project Configuration. Also contains corresponding libraries. Version 1.1.0
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AR 003E: Provisioning for MES and ERP Support for IEC 62264 and B2MML
Application Recommendations: Provisioning for MES and ERP Support for IEC 62264 and B2MML. Also contains corresponding libraries. Version 1.1.0
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AutomationML Editor v5.1.2 (64bit)
This version of the software supports the processing of AutomationML 2.0 based on CAEX 2.15 as well as AutomationML 2.10 based on CAEX 3.0.

A tutorial for an AutomationML Editor is available on YouTube:
- English version
- German version

Note 1: The AutomationML Editor is provided by the AutomationML e.V. and distributed under MIT license. This software is for evaluation purposes only and provides users with information regarding the usability and modeling capabilities of AutomationML.
AutomationML e.V. assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the software, conveys no license or title under any patent, copyright, or mask work right to the product.
Note 2: The AutomationML Editor contains third-party plug-ins. The plug-ins are not provided or maintained by the AutomationML e.V.. Thereby, the AutomationML e.V. is not responsible for the topicality, correctness, and completeness of the plug-ins. Liability claims are excluded. All rights and liabilities related to the plug-ins if applicable are issues of the software providing entity.
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