frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can join the association?

Every organization can join the AutomationML association as member.

What is the standardisation body for AutomationML?

The standardization body of AutomationML is the IEC. We intent to submit all parts as International Standards (IS). Additionally, the AutomationML association contributes to other standardization organizations with own proposals.

Is AutomationML in competition with other standards?

No, the AutomationML association strives for cooperation and harmonization.

Who are the members of the AutomationML group?

Members come from different industries and research institutes, tool vendors and users, software and service providers. Allmembers can be found on the members page.
The AutomationML community is open for new members.

Who has the lead in the AutomationML association?

The AutomationML association has promoting members, contributing members, and academic members. Although the promoting members have some more rights according to their higher fees, the major work happens in working groups with the same voting power for every participant.

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