Application Recommendation "Provisioning for MES and ERP Support for IEC 62264 and B2MML" available

06.07.2018 - Johanna Pauly
This application recommendation describes the integration of ISA-95 and/or B2MML into AutomationML.

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AutomationML Part 1 Edition 2 at "FOCUS online"

08.06.2018 - Johanna Pauly
The German magazine "FOCUS online" reports about AutomationML, the release of the AutomationML standard Part 1 Edition 2 and Prof. Rainer Drath"s efforts around the data exchange format. Prof. Drath from the University of Applied Science Pforzheim has been involved in the development of the data exchange format since the founding of the association and is actively involved in the work of the association.
Read the full article at "FOCUS online" in German language here: external link

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AutomationML Standard Part 1 Edition 2 has been published

28.05.2018 - Johanna Pauly
The AutomationML IEC standard document IEC62714-1:2018 ED2 has been published. The first part of the standard regarding AutomationML architecture and general requirements was succesfully reworked and is now available as edition 2. One of several technical changes is the use of CAEX 3.0 according to IEC 62424:2016.

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