New AutomationML Icon Library is available

26.01.2021 - AutomationML office
The new AutomationML Icon Library will be used in the next version of the AutomationML Editor (v. 5.5.0). Compared to previous versions, this one is more readable and easier to integrate into software. All icons are vector graphics and available in different formats (.svg, .png, .pdf, .xaml).

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Whitepaper Part 6 - AutomationML Component is available

14.10.2020 - AutomationML office
This Whitepaper is the 6th part of the AutomationML specification and defines a model for the comprehensive description of automation components as AutomationML Components. In the Whitepaper the corresponding role classes and interface classes and their relations to each other are defined.

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Application Recommendation Extensions "Ethernet for Automation Project Configuration" and "IO-Link for Automation Project Configuration" are available

08.09.2020 - AutomationML office
Because not all existing and upcoming bus types can be described in the application recommendation “Automation Project Configuration” the specific extensions of each bus type are described in a separate bus specific specification.

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