overview of membership

Which types of membership do exist?

There are three types of membership as which a company or research institute can join the German association AutomationML e.V. Each type has its own set of benefits:
  • Academic members - have full working group access but no voting rights within the working groups.
  • Contributing members - have full working group access and voting rights.
  • Promoting members - act as "Board of Directors" setting the direction of the working groups.

Research institutes can become each of these types; companies can become either a contributing member or a promoting member.

Which benefits has a membership?

  • Participation in development of the data exchange format. Action fields of the members can be taken into account early.
  • Collaboration with AutomationML experts and liaison partners by joining working groups, developing example files, and reviewing ongoing whitepapers
  • Early access to AutomationML specifications
  • Constant information about AutomationML standardisation process
  • Perk on AutomationML events
  • Access to dedicated AutomationML software and influence on their development
  • Common testing of AutomationML files
  • Common appearance, networking, and common marketing
  • Contribution to the improvement of interoperability in the heterogeneous tool landscape of the engineering of production systems

Download the detailed benefits list here.

How much are the membership fees?

A participation in AutomationML e.V. depends on the type of membership:
  • 500 per year for academic members
  • 2,500 per year for contributing members
  • 9,000 per year for promoting members

Note: The fiscal year of the association is the calendar year, starting on January 1 and ending on December 31. If you join during the fiscal year, the membership fee will be calculated for the remaining months and not for the whole year.

How to join the AutomationML association?

  1. Read the AutomationML association statutes [or in English], membership fee rules [or in English], and the code of conduct [or in English].
  2. Read and fill out the declaration of accession [or in English]. Sign the document and fax it/send a scan to AutomationML office.
  3. If you have further questions please contact the AutomationML office.

Attention: AutomationML e.V. is a German association. Available English translations are NOT legally binding and only for information.