short overview of the data exchange format

The AutomationML initiative is an open, in 2006 founded industrial consortium which became a registered association in 2009. It welcomes all interested company and research institute.
Purposes of AutomationML e.V. are promotion and further development of AutomationML to standardise data exchange in the engineering process of production systems. Therefore, AutomationML e.V. develops and maintains an open, neutral, XML based, and free industry data representation standard which enables a domain and company crossing transfer of engineering data. Instead of developing a new data format for that purpose, already existing formats were used, extended, adapted, and merged in a proper way. So far, the representation of plant specific data in general and in special the plant structure, geometry and kinematics, and logic description is possible. Additional representations for networks, mechatronical systems, and others are in progress. Hence, AutomationML is the most comprehensive data format of plant engineering. It is already used in the field and is also available in several products. Within IEC 62714 all parts of AutomationML are going to be standardised internationally.
The association supports users, which want to implement AutomationML interfaces, with the provision of software tools, knowledge and trainings. Software and informative documents are available here.

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