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The goal of the AutomationML association is the dissemination and further development of the AutomationML data format as an open, neutral and free industrial standard for the cross-company and interdisciplinary exchange of planning data for plants in the manufacturing and process industry. For this purpose, no new data format has been developed, but rather existing formats have been used and suitably extended, adapted and merged. In this way, it has so far been possible to map plant data, starting with the plant topology, through geometry and kinematics information, right up to processes and logical dependencies. AutomationML is currently the most comprehensive data format for plant engineering, is available in the first products, is already being used industrially and is being upgraded for further data volumes. It is internationally standardized as an open, free and XML-based standard within IEC 62714.

The AutomationML e.V. supports users in the implementation of AutomationML based interfaces by providing software packages, knowledge and training. Descriptions and software systems for the standard can be obtained free of charge on this website.