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A Practical Guide

AutomationML – A Practical Guide

About the book

This book is a beginner’s guide to AutomationML Edition 2, written for students, engineers, lecturers, developers and those interested. In guides  through the basics of AutomationML, CAEX and the AutomationML Editor. AutomationML stands for digitisation of engineering data and engineering workflows. AutomationML achieves both human readability and machine-readability. It is a method for converting data into digital information, and it supports the special needs of iterative engineering data exchange. AutomationML is in the hot spot of the digitisation of automation engineering data. It enables the modelling and transport of engineering data in a vendor neutral and machine-readable models, a valuable source of digital innovation. Machine readable engineering data makes the data accessible and interpretable by software, enabling a plethora of opportunities. This book introduces AutomationML, its goals, values and innovations. It teaches the architecture of AutomationML and explains the language elements with a multitude of examples and step-by-step instructions.