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Application Recommendation: „Toolchain – Recommendations how to introduce AutomationML in industrial toolchains of manufacturing industries“ is available

AR Toolchain

The Application Recommendation Toolchain, which is now available, is the result of the work of the Toolchain and Industrialization working group, which is harmonising the previous results and solutions of the various AutomationML working groups and merging them into a common data model in order to make it suitable for use in an industrial environment. For this purpose, the working group cooperates with other working groups, but also with tool developers and industry, in order to steer the development of AutomationML towards being used in a uniform way in existing engineering tools.

To make AutomationML suitable for use in industry, concrete and clear rules for the use of AutomationML in certain disciplines of industrial plant engineering have been and are being defined. For this purpose, the focus is on the necessary contents of the data exchange between the disciplines and the existing rules and documents of AutomationML e.V. and form the basis for this document, which will be supplemented by detailed technical solutions for different use cases, like maintenance, virtual commissioning etc. in separate documents (Appplication Recommendation Extensions (ARE)) in the future.

You can find the AR in our download area or via the following button.