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AutomationML – Position Paper published


Magdeburg – Industrie 4.0 experts are currently involved in implementation efforts for the Asset Administration Shell, a core concept for the envisioned digitalised industry. A panel of experts under the umbrella of the AutomationML e.V. has formulated a paper presenting their recommendations for the implementation technologies for Industrie 4.0 scenarios involving the Asset Administration Shell. The position paper is freely available on the AutomationML website.

The association coordinating the development of the free and open industrial data format AutomationML hopes to foster current development efforts for Asset Administration Shell implementations. The position paper is also a basis for the joint work of Plattform Industrie 4.0 and the AutomationML e.V. in expanding on their communal specification for the use of AutomationML in Asset Administration Shells and can be a blueprint for similar actions with other standardization organizations.