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Best Practice Recommendation CC-Link is available

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This Best Practice Recommendation describes classes that are needed to describe CC-Link related networks and their devices. The definitions of this document can be combined with other existing modelling concepts.

When modelling engineering data with AutomationML, it is a reoccurring task to model network devices/information or to describe how to access devices and data that is available in the network. Nowadays many different industrial networks and bus systems are existing. Each of them has several specific parameters and requirements. Therefore specific classes (roles/interfaces/attributes) for each network are required, which shall be derived from already existing generic standard classes.

In the first version the document defines how to integrate a CSP+ file (Device description file of a CC-Link Family-compatible device) and a CSP+ for Machine file (Description file of a machine) by reference.

This specification was created by a joint working group of the CC-Link Partner Association and AutomationML e.V..