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General Assembly for the 2022 business year


Frankfurt – This year’s general assembly was held in a hybrid way and again included many good discussions and suggestions for current and future topics.

In addition, there was an election of the board of directors and the AutomationML Association is facing upcoming challenges with a new board member: The AutomationML e.V. welcomes its new board member Mr. Stephan Schwarz (Mercedes-Benz AG). Together with the reelected board members Dr. Andreas Graf Gatterburg (Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH), Dr. Wolfgang Schlögl (Siemens AG), Mr. Daniel Wolff (inpro Innovationsgesellschaft für fortgeschrittene Produktionssysteme in der Fahrzeugindustrie mbH), Prof. Dr. Arndt Lüder (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg), Dr. Andreas Keibel (KUKA Deutschland GmbH), Mr. Todd Snide (Schneider Electric), Mr. Matthias Müller (Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.), Mr. Martin Langosch (BMW Group) and Prof. Dr. Rainer Drath (University Pforzheim) he will decide about the further developments for the next two years.

Special thanks also to our members for their numerous participation in the general assembly and the good discussions, ideas and suggestions for improvement. We are looking forward to the future cooperation and the further steady common development of AutomationML!