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New member – Fraunhofer IFF


We are happy to welcome Fraunhofer IFF as a new member of the AutomationML Association and are looking forward to the cooperation!

About Fraunhofer IFF:

We Design Intelligent Processes. Welcome!

A technology and research partner, we assist companies intent on making Industry 4.0 reality and playing a role the epochal transition to digitalization and automation. We have made it our mission to contribute with our research to sustainable development consonant with environmentally intact, commercially successful and socially equitable development.

Activities and Applied Research for Production of Tomorrow

We are focused on all the relevant, pressing and complex challenges of factory operation and automation. We help manufacturing companies transition to intelligent manufacturing. We are the technology partner for designing, developing, equipping and operating work, manufacturing and logistics systems and their supply infrastructures. Our departments cover the entire life cycle of products and industrial production systems. We design work systems in which humans and machines collaborate. We combine these work systems into efficient production and logistics systems and connect them with each other and their environment through intelligent infrastructures.

Cutting-Edge Technology for the Mittelstand

Our teams of research scientists have been researching cutting-edge issues, such as the energy transition, climate change, augmented and virtual reality, safe robot use, digital twins and artificial intelligence, for many years long before they became mainstream. Our clients now come to us to prepare themselves for future challenges and to develop efficient, humane and sustainable solutions together with us. We use custom and scalable technologies to bring every business, whether they be major corporations or Mittelstand companies, on board wherever they are in their transition to Industry 4.0. We jointly analyze existing structures, find the right technology, develop the right software and combine everything into integrated, intelligent solutions, thus making cutting-edge technology available to Mittelstand businesses too.
In the process, we look at technologies and processes through our clients’ eyes and envision developments ten or more years in advance. Our broad expertise in hardware is the foundation of our outstanding software and digitalization solutions. We analyze the entire product life cycle from ideation to development and maintenance processes through the end of a product’s life and its recycling. Our technological fields complement each other optimally and are modified dynamically in response to market demands.

We create value together with and in businesses and for their locations rapidly, flexibly and always with an eye on the return on investment. Technology may be a means to an end for our clients. It is our passion.