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New member – LuArtX IT GmbH


We are happy to welcome LuArtX IT GmbH as a new member of the AutomationML Association and are looking forward to the cooperation!


About LuArtX IT GmbH

The future is open – BIM with CARF

One factory – many interacting disciplines – one CAD software – CARF

A product in a factory goes through several processes for completion, which are interconnected or interdependent. Developed more than 20 years ago through a contract development by the German automotive industry, CARF has made it possible since 2018 to plan and coordinate all these processes simply and intuitively.

From the creation of a blank, to the colour design of the shell, to the interior and the packaging, everything depends on a functioning logistics plan, coordinated tools that work together without collisions, workstations equipped in detail, connected to a conveyor system, elevated on a statically calculated steel structure.

All these processes interlock, as does the CAD planning. CARF offers the appropriate systems, which also interlock smoothly and simplify the planning of the processes and thus close the cycle of factory planning in interaction with the TGA planning.

This globally unique product range from CARF is only possible thanks to the order development of the German automotive companies. We invite you to benefit from one of the largest industrial sectors in Germany.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Quick introduction and short training period,
  • Intelligent planning by taking into account interfering contours, working spaces, installation and extension situations,
  • Quick realisation of changes in the 3D model,
  • Different views or mass extracts at the push of a button,
  • Easy handling of all modules, as co-developed by users,
  • Integrated interfaces to simulation and calculation programmes (GSL, AML, SDNF),
  • Low data volume due to optimised parametric cells.

We develop, train and support you and your employees in your projects in the MicroStation environment. Digital plant modelling with neutral data formats based on AML export and import accelerates processes and use cases in all planning phases and offers great added value for your company. We make you competitive as a company with the effective use of data. At the same time, we offer you the complete life cycle of data continuity. This enables sustainable action, as existing data is reused.

We are also happy to advise you on the Bentley Systems product range such as Synchro, OpenBuildings Designer, ProjectWise etc.