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New service release for the AutomationML Editor

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Issues Addressed in this Release:

  • The License Dialog provides a new option for the distribution of license files.
  • InternalLink Line drawings respond to UI Scaling, this can avoid some visualization problems showing link lines.
  • An Open Backupfolder – button has been added to the backup file selection dialog.
  • Menu items in the context menu of tree nodes are regrouped and rearranged.
  • The Visual layout of Attribute Tables has been improved.
  • The performance of attribute view switching has been improved.
  • All Header definitions of all CAEX Objects can now be edited
    • Constraint-Header (editor is started from constraint context menu)
    • RefSemantic-Header (editor is started from refsemantic context menu)
    • Revision-Header (editor is started from revision context menu)
    • ExternalReference-Header (editor is started from externalreference context menu)
    • CAEXFile-Header (editor is active when no other object is selected)
    • InternalLink-Header (editor is active, when a link line is selected)
  • A new Editor Update feature and installation procedure is implemented. Future updates will no longer be published as msi-installer files. This version of the editor comes with a new embedded update feature. The next version update will be published as a self contained zip file and does not require an installer. This version is the last version, published with an installer. You will be notified with a new update dialog, when an update is available. There are options to skip a version or to postpone the update to a later time.