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80 Participants from 14 countries at the 5th AutomationML User Conference

Automation ML Placeholder

80 people from 14 countries and 44 different companies and research institutions came to Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss current topics around the data exchange format AutomationML. Download the conference proceedings here!

The first conference day spanned the application of AutomationML to current development topics. Of particular note here is the presentation of the use of AutomationML at equinor (former Statoil) by Idar Pe Ingebrigtsen, the presentation of existing toolchains by ABB, Cenit, Siemens and Airbus and the discussion of implementation strategies for AutomationML based interfaces and data transfer structures by the University of Magdeburg. Day two was marked by current standardization efforts and research projects. Here are, for example, the integration of MES topics by the Vienna University of Technology, the expansion of the communication system modeling presented by Balluff and the question of AutomationML based data management systems shown by ABB, the University of Magdeburg and the fortiss GmbH. A tour at the ABB location Gothenburg completed the day. Both days of the conference made clear that AutomationML, as a data exchange technology, has found widespread access to the data management technology portfolio in the design of production systems. A growing number of companies are successfully following the slogan “Make AutomationML yours!”. It also became clear that AutomationML is becoming a technology that can successfully implement the ideas of Industry 4.0 along the entire lifecycle of production systems.