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Conventions for the modelling of AutomationML libraries

Conventions AML Libs

A new document on modelling AutomationML libraries is now available.

This document is intended for data modellers and their working groups who wish to create and publish AutomationML libraries. This includes libraries published by the AutomationML association, but also user-defined AutomationML libraries developed in industrial or academic environments.

Application-specific harmonised AutomationML class libraries are the basis for perfoming data exchange because they ensure that instances and data structures are based on a common understanding.

Since AutomationML, as a flexible object-oriented data description language, offers a wide range of possibilities for structuring class libraries, naming their elements and versioning them, the AutomationML association has compiled recommendations on how to create libraries in this document. The conventions described are based on the experience of AutomationML working groups and are intended to provide guidance for modellers inside and outside the AutomationML association when modelling AutomationML libraries.

You can find the document in the download area or via the following link.