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New version of AR Provisioning for MES and ERP

Automation ML Placeholder

This application recommendation describes the integration of ISA-95 and B2MML into AutomationML. With its new release it is now compatible with AutomationML Edition 2 (CAEX 3.0).

In a fully integrated production system, business and manufacturing functions are aligned in order to foster efficient data exchange. With the international standard IEC 62264 (also known as ISA-95) a conceptual model for various aspects of manufacturing execution systems (MESs) and their exchange of information with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems has been defined. A standalone XML implementation, B2MML, has been made available by the manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International. With this application recommendation clear modeling rules have been defined for the creation of IEC 62264 compatible AutomationML models. These models can either encode all relevant information within AutomationML or have them partly externalized in separate B2MML documents.