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New Version of the AR APC is now available!

Screenshot_AR APC V.1.4

The Application Recommendation Automation Project Configuration proposes a modelling method of automation project configuration data by means of the engineering data format AutomationML. It describes the recommended use of role and interface classes as well as the recommended structures to be considered within the instance hierarchy of an AutomationML project.

A very frequently occurring task within the planning process of production and automation systems is the exchange of automation project configuration information of automation system devices between ECAD and PLC systems. To avoid multiple engineering in the participating systems ECAD and PLC systems need an interface for sharing this information. In case of beginning engineering in the ECAD tool certain rules must be observed to get the hardware information in the correct location in the PLC tool. In case of beginning engineering in the PLC tool non placed functions must be placed and operated in the ECAD tool. This application recommendation describes these workflows and the method of hardware configuration modelling using AutomationML.

Compared to the previous version, the following aspects have been revised or supplemented:

  • extension to state compatibility with the Automation Component Specification
  • tolerance creteria from the forthcoming specification „Electrical Interfaces“ have been added
  • CustomAttributes: complex data types (values w/ content like structures or tables)
  • new LogicalInterface „CommunicationPortProxyInterface“ for modelling of pluggable ports (Router)
  • In accordance with a new, upcoming naming convention for AML libraries, the name of the library has been changed from „AR APC AllClassLibs V1*.aml“ to „AutomationML_ARAPC_Libraries_AMLEd1_1.4.0.aml“ (the libraries used in it remain unchanged for compatibility reasons)

The complete package of all relevant documents and libraries can be found in the download area or via the following button.